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*BlackLaceLamb walks over to a red plush armchair, sits down and smiles*

BlackLaceLamb: Thank you to everyone who has supported, commented and faved Black Lipstick and a big thanks to Lillith-Demon :iconjackie-chaos-bunny: who sent in some awesome questions she would like answered, love you sweetie and thanks so much for being such a great supporter of the series :love:

*Him and Stephanie appear in a puff of pink smoke*

Him: Will this take long? I have other business to attend to.
Stephanie: *rolls eyes* Scaring children and causing chaos isn't business.
Him: Then what is it little lamb?
Stephanie: It's stupid. You're just gonna get the crap kicked out of you and I'll be the one to fix you up...again!
Him: ;P
BlackLaceLamb: Girls, girls, you're both pretty. Anyway, these questions are for me so you can go if you want.
Him: So... I teleported here for nothing.
BlackLaceLamb: Pretty much, nice to see you guys again though.
Stephanie: Nice to see you too. Good luck with the Q&A :)
Him: Whatever. Let's go.

*Him and Stephanie are incased in pink smoke and disappear*

BlackLaceLamb: That was... interesting. Anyway, question time :la:

What inspired you for the HIM/Steph pairing?

BlackLaceLamb: Him as a character always fascinated me ever since I first watched the show when I was a kid. I think it was the voice of all things, the combination of the masculine and the feminine really frightened me when I was little and that's what made him so scary to me, I had no idea what he was. That's the reason why Him is such a great character to pick apart and examine, which will be done a LOT in this story. In a sense it's a character study though a self-insert fanfic.
Now... the pairing.
About two or three years ago, my awesome sister Jessica :iconcrazyacornomg: showed me an artist that paired herself with Jack O' Lantern from the Halloween special of The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy, this artist was called Kiara Pheonix :iconkiaralphoenix:. She has become one of my best friends as well as a huge artistic inspiration. The way she paired herself with this character was amazing, working herself into his world in such a beautiful way that it was a delight to look at. Then Jessica asked me who my Jack O' Lantern would be, since hers was Joker. I thought about it for a minute...
The one character that always stayed with me, ever since I was a little girl.
That was the start of the pairing. I had never though about him in great detail since I was younger, but I took another look at the character though a matured perspective. He was a scary character! He was soft and sweet but had more cruelty and evil than I had ever seen before. I wanted to write about Him as well as use the story as a self-exploration of myself and use this as a platform to practice writing a cohesive series with its own set of themes, motifs, symbols and conflicts. So Jess and I worked really hard on the concepts of creators and fictionals, the rules that applied to the worlds but I will be taking a slightly different spin on it at times and expanding it in my own way but still staying true to the concepts that Jess and I worked on together, love you Jessie and all the support you've given me for this story :glomp:
However, I am a bit of a narcissist and will be using it to express my inner fangirl and write some smoking hot moments and frightening scenes that let Him shine as a character as well as develop the relationship between him and Stephanie. I really hope that this story gives me room to practice my skills as a writer as this series is essentially practice for me, since my dream is to become a novelist and I thrive off the critique I get from my fans.
So this series isn't just a sad girl wanting to write about her fantasies, it's about a character study of a great villain as well practice writing about a series that ties together through symbolism, beauty, pain and love.

Phew... that was a long answer, but I want to give people a solid answer for any questions they have about the series, the characters or the author :) Okay, next question...

What's your favorite HIM episode?

BlackLaceLamb: Yay! I was wondering when this one would pop up :)
To be perfectly honest, it's a tie. There are two episodes that have made the most impact on me not only as a fan but as a writer.
Number One: Power-Noia
This is by far one of the scariest things that I have ever seen on children's TV. A demon infecting the dreams of little girls and psychologically torturing them with their worst fears. Anyone who has been plagued by bad dreams knows just how terrifying a nightmare can be, and for a girl of about 5-8 years of age (seriously how old are the PowerPuff Girls suppose to be?!) it can be the scariest thing ever. Now, I didn't get to see this episode until about a year ago when I really started to plan out Stephanie's Story and I went out looking for Him episodes for inspiration. I am so glad I didn't see this as a kid, even as an adult, the bear that appears on the end of Bubble's bed *shiver* still gives me the creeps whenever I think about it.
Plus, at the end Him turns into a GIANT HYDRA SCORPION DEMON! I saw that final form a wet my pants in fear. It was also a good indication of the extend I could go to in terms of Him's power, if he can transform the dreams of three little girls into a singular dreamscape and read their thought, who knows what else he can do in a dreamland? Hint, hint :)

Number Two: Him Riddle Diddle
This is, to me, the biggest mind fuck I have ever experienced when I was a kid. Up until now, Him was the pinnacle of evil. With no redeeming qualities and was out to destroy the PowerPuff Girls with any means necessary. I went though the whole episode biting my nails and when the PPGs got to Him's diner (which I think is awesome BTW) and they're too late, I covered my face and prayed that the Professor would be okay... then the ending.
Oh... my... God....
Him... t-the incarnate of all evil. Just wanted to save a couple of bucks of a breakfast special that the Professor bought. I wet my pants with laughter, it was the funniest thing that I had ever seen. The punchline as so out of the blue and obscure, I don't think anyone had any idea what was in store. That's what makes the episode so memorable to me (plus the 'Kiss the Cook' apron, which I'm sure was just for the fans :) ) it showed another side to Him's character, the much more playful and silly side that wasn't really shown before (other than in Meet the Beat-Alls but that's beside the point) I love this episode. I really do. It shows the diversity of the character as well as a great set up and an awesome punchline :)

Honourable Mention: Speed Demon
Not much to say. It's the episode that inspired the story. You'll have to wait and see.
Plus...Him's other form... Um... well... :faint:
My hormones have never been the same since

Well that the end of this session. Thank you to Lillith-Demon for your great questions and I hope that you like the answers :la: Once again thank you to you all for being so supportive of the series even before it started. From the bottom of my heart, I truly appreciate all the love and kind comments that I've received.

Q&A Round Two will be coming in a little while, after some more characters are introduced in the story and you can ask different characters different things.... so stay tuned my sexy cupcake panda bears!

Story and Him X Stephanie (C) ukira :iconukira:
Concept and the Character of Jess (C) CrazyAcorn0-0 :iconcrazyacornomg:
Character of Him and setting is (C) Cartoon Network
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